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Repairing Windows 11 Mobile Device Management

At Resilient, we often leverage Microsoft Intune to empower device management, configuration, and security no matter where you may be working. Microsoft Intune is a powerful Mobile Device management program, based in the cloud, which maintains compliance and configuration standards across your fleet of devices. Using Intune to manage devices requires you to enrollment using one of a variety of methods. In our case, we use what is known as Hybrid Join.

Hybrid Join allows us to maintain our existing IT infrastructure and dependencies, while adding the powerful capabilities of Microsoft Intune to the mix. As implied by the term “Hybrid,” you’re able to seamlessly work with both your cloud and on-premises assets.

Like with any system, things don’t always go right, and we must go digging to deliver the desired solution. After our team dug in, we found that updates to best practices came into play: at Microsoft made some updates to their configuration service that required us to modify the way we deploy machines for our client. After a lot of trial and error, and on a hunch, we modified how the settings re deployed in the environment and the Windows 11 workstations started enrolling into Intune.

Modern management and security techniques empower new ways of working without compromising security and compliance but require proper expertise to deploy and manage when something changes. Coupled with other key technologies, like Azure Active Directory to manage your user’s credentials, Microsoft Intune is a powerful tool in our toolbox we constantly leverage to keep you protected and productive.

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